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2. How to Succeed in Copytrading 

Before you start copytrading
Please read and understand the key points on how to be successful in copytrading first



  Using a small equity is not “safer”. Smaller equitys leave no room for errors. One mistake from the master trader will wipe out all your money.

 Learn to pick the best master trader based on your equity. Do not randomly pick the top master trader just because you see alot of people copying him/her.  You need to pick a master trader that is suitable to your equity to avoid losing money.


 Look at the masters “minimum investment” and “equity”. If the “minimum investment” is bigger, you must copy based on the minimum investment. If the “equity” is bigger, you must copy based on the equity.

build a portfolio of the best traders

copy ramai master handal untuk gandakan profit dan income anda

lagi ramai master anda copy, lagi banyak sumber profit dan income

dan kalau salah satu master ada loss, profit dari master lain boleh cover loss dari master yang ada loss

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