how to earn money with octafx copy trading



This step by step tutorial will teach you how to start copy trading,

how to pick the best trader to copy,

and the top traders which I recommend you to follow!




What is copytrading?


Copytrading is an opportunity for you to make investments and generate passive side income by copying expert forex traders.


(This copytrade platform is owned by OctaFX which has been operating since 2011)


You don’t have to trade forex. Let someone who is an expert at trading, trade for you!


When the trader that you follow makes profit… you make profit too!


“ Make easy profit without having to trade ”


Here’s how it works…


In here there are hundreds of forex traders that you can copy


Some make $10 profit a day, some make $100 profit a day


( This trader makes a total of +$41.64 a day )




This guy here, is an expert forex trader



Everyday he reads the forex charts and makes trades


You can copytrade this guy


When you copytrade, all your trades will automatically follow his trades


So, when the trader makes $10 profit a day… you will make $10 profit a day too!


You can make money literally sitting at home shaking your leg.


And, you can withdraw your money whenever you want. Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Whenever you feel like it.



Isa Isarb, a popular Malaysian YouTuber who uses OctaFX copytrading:




I’ve prepared a full tutorial for you…


Full tutorial form step 1 till the final step of withdrawing profit!


  Step by step guide on how to register and set up your copytrade account


How to copytrade safely so that your money is safe and does not vanish in the blink of an eye


How to pick the best professional forex trader to copy so that you make profit and avoid loss


The best forex traders which I recommend to copy


How to withdraw your profit


BONUS: You will also get a FREE forex trading technique that will help you learn forex and start earning side income with just your phone!



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