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5: How to deposit

Do you know who you want to copy?

Once you have picked the master trader (or master traders) that you want to copy

You can deposit and start copying!

(Remeber to deposit enough equity to copy the master traders)


Deposit with App VS. Deposit with Website

On the app, there are limited methods for deposit. Some users say that the website has more ways to deposit compared to the app

If you deposit using the app, there is a possibility that your bank name may not show up

For this tutorial I will use the website to deposit


1. Click here to deposit >> CLIK HERE


2. Login to your octafx account



3. Choose “BILLPLZ” or “INSTANT BANK TRANSFER” only for deposits (BILLPLZ is only for Malaysians that live in malaysia. If you do not have the BILLPLZ option, choose “Instant Bank Transfer”  or whichever other method is easiest for you. Remember, the method you choose for deposit must be the same method that you use for withdrawals later on.


For malaysians living in Malaysia, use BILLPLZ for fast deposits. If not, choose “Instant bank Transfer”)

Note: Do not choose  ‘Malaysia local banks’, this method is extremely slow!



4. Next, deposit the amount that you want to invest.

The bigger you invest, the more profit you can potentially make

Once you have selected the depsoit type and put in the amount, you will be asked to fill in your deposit details (For example: Bank acc number )

Once you have submited your deposit, the funds should arrive in your account within a few minutes (depending on the method of deposit)


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